2014-03-17 11:02:26 by MXlabel

Plants, Greenhouses, Freedom

My zazzle store

2011-12-03 12:48:15 by MXlabel

has been doing wonderful lately! i've been selling quite a few shirts and keychains and the sort lately :D You should check it out! www.zazzle.com/mxlabel


2011-11-22 19:53:06 by MXlabel

Working on my photoshopping skills



2011-05-20 20:56:13 by MXlabel

making a full return to this? who knows


2009-03-17 07:00:35 by MXlabel

Instead of working on learning audio, i have worked on photoshop. I am alot better at photoshop than at makeing audio! lol i may get back to learning audio though. peace! :P ( i made the apple)



2008-11-06 21:59:02 by MXlabel

Im going to start to try to make Audio submissions... so if anyone has any kind of comments/ suggestions/ tips ALL ARE WELCOME!!! :)

Hi im mxlabel / or brad :P

2008-07-21 02:10:03 by MXlabel

I am just starting [even though this account is kinda old] out i kinda just made this account like 1-3 years ago i dunno to jusr rate like 1 or 2 things lol but now im getting more active so if u want me to review or something for a movie audio or game just let me know! :D