2008-11-06 21:59:02 by MXlabel

Im going to start to try to make Audio submissions... so if anyone has any kind of comments/ suggestions/ tips ALL ARE WELCOME!!! :)


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2008-12-03 16:54:56

well come on. What are you waiting for :}

yes tips. ok lets start with some basics (if im going to fast just raise your hand... HAND'S both of them then Scream.)

1. Turn on Computer (somewhat complex but if your reading this now then your already well on your way CONGRATS!)
2. Run Fl (this one took me a while to figure out)

POOF TA DA!!! Your done! see that wanst hard. Now your a multi million dollar producer living in L.A. That's right L. fuckin A baby.

In all honestly, don't be so hard on yourself we all start somewhere. Everybody has got to learn somehow>>? right. let your guard down.

I hope to hear something from you soon. Even if it is really bad, thats how you get better.